THE COLOURS WE SEE – now available HERE

“It’s easier to be sad in a foreign place. Everything feels new and less real, and you can hold on to the illusion that all your problems will go away at the next stop; just keep going down the endless road, chasing the mirage.”

How far can we go to escape ourselves before it’s too late to turn back?

Hazel lands in America with nothing but a backpack, a craving for adventure, and a past she would rather forget. She is eager to live life as she always imagined it – free, wild, unpredictable.

When brilliant but aloof singer-songwriter Liam invites her to join his band as they tour all over the States, she doesn’t have to think twice. Suddenly she’s travelling, performing, and falling hard for this talented, complicated boy. But life on the road is not always the romantic dream it first appears to be, and soon Hazel finds herself caught up in drugs and toxic dynamics that remind her too much of the past she’s been trying to leave behind. When things begin to spiral out of control, Hazel realises that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t outrun herself.

THE COLOURS WE SEE is an under-the-skin love story brimming with wild nights and broken hearts along the winding and bewildering journey into ourselves.

Now available in paperback and ebook here.

(Click here for trigger warnings.)

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What others are saying:

(Source: Goodreads)

“Winter’s debut novel is a beautiful modern tragic love story.”

“Honest and heartbreaking and important, all at once.”

“A gorgeously unexpected coming-of-age story … Winter’s narrative has a way of taking me back to younger years, but also exploring tough life issues, such as drug use, with maturity and intelligent insight.”

“Heartbreakingly beautiful.”

“This book can make you smile and also ugly cry … it leaves a mark in the reader’s soul.”

“It grabs you immediately and sweeps you up in the highs and lows of [Hazel’s] journey of love, friendship, heartbreak and self discovery.”

“A story to contemplate the meaning of hurt, life, and pain.”

“The characters are injected with a raw honesty that is every bit as believable as the troubled lives that engulf them.”

“A strong emotional rollercoaster that will touch every part of you.” 

“The unfolding stories of the characters and setting induce vivid imagery that have you nervously seated in the booth of the band’s tour bus.”

“I loved to visit San Francisco, LA, New Orleans, and the other cities alongside the characters.”

“The emotions here are raw and the discussions about mental health are just so important.”

“An intense story that is hauntingly relevant, and will undoubtedly resonate with many of its readers.”

“Really well written book that will build you up, gut you, and show you that tomorrow is another day – another day to dream.”